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Seamless API 5CT casing pipe / tubing / couplingStandard: API 5CTOD: 1.05''-----4-1/2''Material: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, P110 etc.Pipe end finish: EU, NULength Range: R1, R2, R3Surface: External coating, varnishOur main material supplier: TPCO, TSPP

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Seamless API 5CT casing pipe / tubing / coupling
Standard: API 5CT
OD: 1.05''-----4-1/2''
Material: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, P110 etc.
Pipe end finish: EU, NU
Length Range: R1, R2, R3
Surface: External coating, varnish
Our main material supplier: TPCO, TSPP etc.
Load note:
Pipe length less than 5.8m (20 feet container)
Pipe length less than 11.8m (40 feet container)
Pipe length more than 11.8m (Bulk)
Application: Steam pipe, water oil covering in petroleum & nature gas industries
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OD mmIb/ftGradeW. T  short  longbuttress
114.30(4 1/2" )9.50H, J, K5.21YES  
10.50J, K5.69YES YES
11.60J, K, C, L, N, P6.35YESYESYES
13.50C, L, N, P7.37 YESYES
15.10P, Q8.56 YESYES
127.00(5" )11.50J, K5.59YES  
13.00J, K6.43YESYESYES
15.00J, K, C, L, N, P7.52YESYESYES
18.00C, L, N, P, Q9.19 YESYES
21.40C, L, N, P, Q11.10 YESYES
23.20C, L, N, P, Q12.14 YESYES
24.10C, L, N, P, Q12.70 YESYES
139.70(5 1/2" )14.00H, J, K6.20YES  
15.50J, K6.98YESYESYES
17.00J, K, C, L, N, P7.72YESYESYES
20.00C, L, N, P9.17 YESYES
23.00C, L, N, P, Q10.54 YESYES
168.28(6 5/8" )20.00H, J, K7.32YESYESYES
24.00J, K, C, L, N, P8.94YESYESYES
28.00C, L, N, P10.59 YESYES
32.00C, L, N, P, Q12.06 YESYES
177.80(7" )20.00H, J, K6.91YES  
23.00J, K, C, L, N8.05YESYESYES
26.00J, K, C, L, N, P9.19YESYESYES
29.00C, L, N, P10.36 YESYES
32.00C, L, N, P11.51 YESYES
35.00C, L, N, P, Q12.65 YESYES
38.00C, L, N, P, Q13.72 YESYES
193.68(7 5/8" )24.00H7.62YES  
26.40J, K, C, L, N8.33YESYESYES
29.70C, L, N, P9.52 YESYES
33.70C, L, N, P10.92 YESYES
39.00C, L, N, P, Q12.70 YESYES
42.80C, L, N, P, Q14.27 YESYES
45.30C, L, N, P, Q15.11 YESYES
47.10C, L, N, P, Q15.88 YESYES
196.85(7 3/4" )46.10C, L, N, P, Q15.11   
219.08(8 5/8" )24.00J, K6.71YES  
32.00H, J, K8.94YESYESYES
36.00J, K, C, L, N10.16YESYESYES
40.00C, L, N, P11.43 YESYES
44.00C, L, N, P12.70 YESYES
49.00C, L, N, P, Q14.15 YESYES
244.48(9 5/8" )32.30H7.92YES  
36.00H, J, K8.94YESYESYES
40.00J, K, C, L, N10.03 YESYES
43.50C, L, N, P11.05 YESYES
47.00C, L, N, P, Q11.99 YESYES
53.50C, L, N, P, Q13.84 YESYES
273.05(10 3/4" )32.75H7.09YES  
40.50H, J, K8.89YES YES
45.50J, K10.16YES YES
51.00J, K, C, L, N, P11.43YES YES
55.50C, L, N, P12.57YES YES
60.70P, Q13.84YES YES
65.70P, Q15.11YES YES
298.45(11 3/4" )42.00H8.46YES  
47.00J, K, M9.53YES YES
54.00J, K, M11.05YES YES
60.00J, K, M, L, N, C, P, Q12.42YES YES
339.7(13 3/8" )48.00H8.38YES  
54.50J, K9.65YES YES
61.00J, K10.92YES YES
68.00J, K, C, L, N, P12.19YES YES
72.00C, L, N, P, Q13.06YES YES
406.40(16" )65.00H9.53YES  
75.00J, K, M11.13YES YES
84.00J, K, M12.57YES YES
473.08(1.5/8" )87.50H, J, K, M11.05YESYESYES
508.00(20" )94.00H, J, K11.13YESYESYES
106.50J, K12.70YESYESYES
133.00J, K16.13YESYESYES

Outside Diameter Specified(mm)
Nominal Weight Threads & CouplingSteel GradeWall Thickness                (mm) Type of Thread 
 Ib/ft  N UE U
60.32(2 3/8")4.70H,J,L,P4.83YESYES
7.35C,L8.53 YES
7.45L,P8.53 YES
73.02(2 7/8")6.40H,C,N,L,P5.51YES 
6.50H,C,N,L,P5.51 YES
7.90C,N,L,P7.01 YES
8.70C,N,L,P7.82 YES
9.45L,C8.64 YES
88.90(3 1/2")9.20H,J,C,N,L,P6.45YES 
9.30H,J,C,N,L,P6.45 YES
12.95L,P9.52 YES
11.00H,J,C,N,L6.65 YES
114.30(4 1/2")12.60H,J,L,N,C,T12.75YES 
12.75H,J,L,N,C,T12.75 YES
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